I can get cheap Building Regulations Drawings Online? With No Site Visit?

YES YOU CAN! - We've been providing online building regulations drawings for 11 years. 

For decades people have been embarking on domestic building projects and have been frantically looking for a fast Architect or a cheap Architect to produce their architectural drawings. Needless to say they have almost always been disappointed to find neither. Thankfully, in the last decade the internet has been gradually transforming the Architectural Drawings industry. ArkiPlan.co.uk essentially gave birth to the concept of the Online Architectural Designer. 

How it works



Frequently Asked Questions


Can I really survey and measure my own house?

Honestly - it's a breeze. All we need you to do is use a tape measure to measure the walls and the windows then draw a quick scribble onto a piece of paper. 
You may not even have to do that if you are able to upload Estate Agents floor plans or if you have previous Architects drawings from an old project at your home. We can even accept a copy of your neighbour's previous drawings if their house layout is the same or very similar.

What do you mean you will submit my Planning and Building Regulations applications for FREE?

We will purchase an Ordnance Survey map of your property, complete all the drawings, fill in all your Planning or Building Regulations forms and submit them to your council for checking, logging ourselves as 'Agent'. We will then send you instructions of how to pay your application fee directly to the council. During the consideration process, we will chase up the council every week to ensure a decision is reached promptly and will communicate everything to you along the way. 

Why can't I find a cheap Architect for Building Regulations Drawings?

Architects charge what seems like a lot of money for their building regulations drawings but in reality, you are not only paying for their drafting time. Architects spend time speaking with you on the phone, then at your house, then measuring your property and taking survey notes, drawing sketches and taking photos. They will then spend considerable time producing different designs and then 'back-and-forthing' with you to reach a final architectural design for planning and eventually building regulations drawings. They will then submit the planning permission drawings for planning approval and building regulations approval. They may also then project manage the build on site and liaise with the contractor to ensure everything gets built as per the plans. 

Why can't I find a fast Architect for Building Regulations Drawings?

Contrary to popular belief, Building Regulations Drawings are only a small part of an Architects job. As explained above, they do so much more than just drafting building regs plans. An Architect's time is spread very thinly so even a moderate amount of existing projects can cause them extreme delays in completing building regulations drawings for a new client - especially if the project is a small domestic job like a single storey extension or a dormer loft conversion. It makes perfect sense for them to prioritse projects of high value. For this reason, you will often find when approaching an Architect that their turnaround time just for your first set of plans can be anything up to 3-4 months! 


So, how do I get cheap building regulations drawings online?

ArkiPlan.co.uk was born out of necessity as we quickly noticed a gap in the market. It turns out there are thousands of people every month that:

1) Can measure or have already measured their house
2) Have photographs of their house
3) Know exactly what extension design or loft conversion design they want
4) Are happy to find a builder themselves and keep an eye on the work themselves once the build starts.

If you fit into the client profile above, then we will just do everything else - We will not charge you for work you do not need.

How do you provide such fast building regulations drawings?

We do not manage your build on-site and we do not spend hours meeting you for cups of tea to discuss your project. We spend our days rapidly producing planning and building regulations drawings online. As soon as our clients say they are 100% happy with their architectural plans, we submit them Planning Permission or Permitted Development Approval. Once Planning Permission or the Lawful Development Certificate is received, of required, we upgrade their drawings to include all Building Regulations section drawings and specifications then submit them for Building Control Approval. Once you have both permissions, we send you your final building regs drawings and then we leave you to do the rest! As our days are entirely focused on producing building plans and drawings, we can often complete them in less than a week. 

How do you guarantee fixed price building regulations drawings?

It is hard for an Architect to give a fixed price quote up-front because it is impossible to plan how much time will eventually be spent on a project. Building projects, as we're sure you're aware are often littered with pit-falls and unexpected delays. 
We provide architectural drawings online. Then we submit them for Planning Permission and Building Regulations Approval. That's it. This makes it easy for us to pre-empt how much time will be spent on your project. Because of this, we can give you a guaranteed fixed price quote at the start. This helps so much as we understand that almost everybody is on a tight budget when they embark on a house extension or loft conversion.

Are your building regulations the same as an Architect's Drawings?

YES. The online building regulations drawings you receive from us will be exactly the same as the building regulations drawings you can get from your local Architect. The only difference will be that the online building regulations drawings you get from us will arrive faster and will be much, much cheaper.