Terms of Service

ArkiPlan.co.uk will be employed to produce Planning Permission, Lawful Development, Listed Building Consent or Building Regulations Drawings only. All stated dimensions on your drawings are to be verified on site and ArkiPlan.co.uk is to be notified if any discrepancies are detected during building work. Drawings are produced for statutory applications only and not to be used as construction or working drawings. All drawings are to be fully checked and approved by a Building Control Officer as part of a Full Plans Building Regulations Application before construction begins. ArkiPlan.co.uk is not responsible for any building work carried out on site. Your £149 deposit is taken to demonstrate your initial commitment as our work will begin on your project immediately. For this reason, your deposit is only refundable within 24 hours of payment. ArkiPlan.co.uk will submit your Local Authority applications but are not agreeing to pay any fees on your behalf. ArkiPlan.co.uk will not cover the costs of any additional reports or the hiring of additional professionals if requested or recommended by your Local Authority. Your initial deposit payment and submission of your email address will be taken as your acceptance of these terms. In the unlikely event that you have paid extra for a faster project turnaround and the deadline is not met, ArkiPlan.co.uk will refund the additional funds. The quoted 14 day standard turnaround is always met but due to potential unforseen circumstances cannot be guaranteed.